You know what I love? Trains.

Trains are simple. Consider your various transportation options. Walk, run, bike, drive, sail, or fly. Now, assuming you aren’t a millionaire, flying is tedious. You have to arrive early, check in, deliver luggage, wait around in the airport, and sit in a comparatibly small seat. The views are great, if not amazing… Through that small window. Oh, and don’t mind the noise.
Now consider traveling by train again. You can arrive at the station right on time, no check-in, you have a nice seat and a table. I often travel across the (rather small, if not puny) country, and it takes 5-6 hours. I sit down on my seat, of course you get the window seat, I start my music, and I can just stare out the window. The music and countryside seams to mesh the more I listen to the music. It’s a funny thing too; there’s so much going on outside. Trees right outside fly by, almost too fast to notice them at all, but out there in the horizon, things are moving slow, you can even see the crawling landscape. Let’s not forget everything in between the window and the horizon. And you just sit there, going fast and with only one way to go. Things just go by.


Enjoy the time you get on the train, it’s all automatic, comfortable, and relaxing. A perfect time to sit down and write your feelings about traveling by train.

I love trains. I love things that work seamlessly. You get on board and it works.

Now compare this to your smartphone. Does it just work? Well, that’s a tough question. On one hand, if all you do is to use the Web browser, call people and text, it works easy. But the more you want to use your phone, the more complicated it becomes. But in turn, the more useful it can become. Some things are easier to manage on a regular computer, and some things are easier on the phone.

I want to make that process easier for you. I’m inviting you to take the train with me, get to your destination with less effort and get there faster. Do you see where I’m getting at? I’ll bring fresh content tomorrow, and on a weekly basis. I just wanted to paint a picture here, so I hope you enjoyed it! Remember, you can find me on Google+, where you can contact me any time, and if you add me, make sure you send me a message, saying you are coming from this blog. I can manage followers more easily that way. And it gives you a chance to say hello 🙂