Top 10 Photo Editors for Android

Hello again! If you’re new; welcome! Last time I covered the 5 best camera apps available on the Play Store, so today, I’m sharing the 10 (yes 10, because editing a picture is far more advanced) best editors for just that!

These are all available i the Play Store, some are free, some are paid, but they all work great 😀
So let’s just dive into it, okay? Oh yeah, the examples included are a bit narrow, but they give you a good look of what they look like. Surprisingly, many of them share the same layout.

  1. Afterlight is my go-to photo editor, it has a great amount of filters and plenty of basic tools for enhancing any photo. It’s design is simple and clean, and navigating is super fast because there’s nothing hidden away from you; what you see is what you get. For a single dollar, you get a great basic editor with great tools.
  2. SnapseedIf you’re not keen on spending money on a capable editor, and don’t want ads either, you should really consider Snapseed. it’s in my Top 10 free apps too, since it’s got everything an editor should have, and plenty more. It does have some limitations, but it’s close to nothing. Design is nice, navigating is a bit unique, but easily learned.
  3. OverNow here’s an app that’s a tough sell, but the sheer design and flow is brilliant. You can add professional, crazy, awesome, beautiful, and lovely stickers. As well as writing anything is an array of great fonts. Control color, opacity, size, or the angle. There’s plenty of room to be creative and enhancing your pictures with awesome text or cool stickers; they’re all classy and minimalistic. It’s fairly expensive for an app, but I see no other alternative in this high quality.
  4. Moldiv is yet another collage-app. However, once again, I’m adding this to the list for it’s quality of design (looks similar to Afterlight), and the amount of things you can do. there’s a free version, but if you want the full potential, and awesome frames and magazine-style collages, you need to shell out some dough. Aside from the huge amount of frames, Moldiv offer filters, basic editing tools, stickers, custom writing in different and nice fonts. It’s quite impressive, it’s filled to the rim with tools, and yet feels so simple. If you want something to cover almost everything, Moldiv’s a great way to get loads of features in one app.
  5. Repix is for adding a little extra to your great photos. Or maybe to have some fun with it. Repix offers many great effects that you manually brush over you photo. The effects are alive and moving, so it looks absolutely great, and gives it some natural detail. Bokeh, stars, birds, van Gogh styling, dots, stains, scratches… it has plenty of effects. Freely available, but pay for more effects. And it’s quite expensive all things considered, but well worth it in the long run.


    From the left; Afterlight, Snapseed, Over, Moldiv, Repix.

  6. PicSay sligtly showing age, the interface is in Holo design, but the stickers, fonts and effects are something you’d probably be looking for back in the Android 2.0 era. However it does have plenty of features, lots of stuff to do and in good quality. I bought it 4 years ago, but I still find myself using it from time to time, because it has plenty of tools that are unique.
  7. PixlrPixlr is an app from Autodesk, and signing up through facebook gives you additional “essential” tools. It’s free and offers plenty of basic tools, making your photos the best they can be. Additionally, you can make collages, double exposures and add filters. Good alternative to Snapseed, especially if you sign up and get the extra free tools.
  8. Photo Editor by AviaryAdobe’s entrance to basic mobile photo editing, Aviary is connected to your creative cloud (if you activate it), giving you sync between your Adobe products. Aside from that, it offers all the basic editing tools and some nifty features like meme creation. It looks nice, has the tools, and has the connection. You can unlock exclusive features by connecting it to the Creative Cloud, and get future updates for free, if you make it before the deadline (20th of February 2015).
  9. PicsArt Photo Studio is a full package deal; offering editing as well as a social network for photographers. It’s free but has ads in editing, which you can pay to remove. Otherwise the app han all the basics, and additionally offers filters, stickers, picture-in-picture, and a store for expanding the tools. Plenty of useful tools, and simply a great free alternative, with the option to expand tools and connect with other users. Honestly though, we have Instagram or EyeEm for that, right?
  10. FragmentIs a special photo editor, and I’m not aware of any similar app. What Fragment does, it to make layered effects of a single photo. It has tons of patterns and figures, and you have full control of basic tools and coloring, placement and size. There’s plenty of room to get creative and give any photo a cool and great look, something that isn’t quite found anywhere else.

    From the left; Picsay, Pixlr, Aviary, PicsArt, Fragment.

    Okay, that’s it from me! Be sure to share some of your thoughts on these apps. Maybe you use an entirely different (but awesome) app? Maybe I’ve given you a good idea of what to try out? Let me know! Photo editing is essential to making good photos great, fun, awesome, or just plain different. Get out there and take some photos where ever you go, and have fun with it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Photo Editors for Android

  1. jen says:

    I don’t get afterlight is not that different or great different between others even free ones customization is just filters textures and you can’t even apply the filters where you want like in others apps for example, pic say pro, be funky, handy photo, pics arts etc.
    But in case you don’t know about this apps there also this others apps that are even free that I find pretty good. Mix( by camera 360 )by pinguo, photosoft(camera photoeditor) by photosoft, photoskin photo editor by intollogy it, fotorus by fotoable inc, fotor photo editor by everimaging co ltd. Of course I could make a list more bigger like for example shift by pixite llc, some of this apps are way low below radar and I think deserve more attention.

    • It is true you find the same features and more in those you mention. But you have to consider what people actually need and how they use it. For the sake of being general, I’d argue Afterlight just works the best, but of course people differ in priority for and how they want to use an editor. I happen to find Afterlight to be fast, effective and easy. I always use it extremely fast getting great results.
      Thanks for the comment and insight, Jen. It’s great to hear an opinion and to hear about less known apps, I’ll be sure to check out your suggestions 🙂

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